Buffer Rings

Rio Buffer Rings are high-density rubber impact and recoil dampeners specially designed for high-power diesel pile drivers.


  • Deep-Foundation Pile Drivers
  • Custom Engineered Construction Equipment


Premium Rubber - Specially formulated to maintain elastomeric and geometric properties in extreme operating temperatures.

  • TENSILE STRENGTH:   190 kg/cm Minimum
  • ELONGATION AT BREAK:   Minimum 450%
  • HARDNESS:   72 +/- 3 Shore A
  • COMPRESSION SET:   30% Max

Any reference herein to OEM branded machinery and/or equipment is for informational purposes to depict TYPES of equipment our products can support and does not imply that we are an approved supplier of any specific OEM described. For information regarding specific OEM brands which we do supply, please contact us directly.

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