Solid Tires

Rio Solid Rubber Tires are specially made with flame-resistant premium rubber compounds for work in all areas where maximum safety and durability is critical. - Perfect for hazardous environments where contractors are likely to encounter open-flames, sharp objects, and uneven terrain such as demolition / disaster recovery sites, and metal / waste recycling plants.


  • Compact Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Material Handlers
  • Custom Engineered Construction Equipment


  • Premium Fire-Resistant Rubber - Specialized compound resists ignitions in high temperatures while maintaining maximum structural intergrity and load-bearing strength.
  • Superior cutting and chunking resistance.
  • 40% increased load capacity over pneumatic tires
  • Enhances equipment steadiness and steering control
  • 45-degree lateral edge buffer slope prevents dislocation
  • Connective Tread Design – Prevents crows-hop and pattern abrasion. Also available in non-directional tread patterns and built-in wheels.

Any reference herein to OEM branded machinery and/or equipment is for informational purposes to depict TYPES of equipment our products can support and does not imply that we are an approved supplier of any specific OEM described. For information regarding specific OEM brands which we do supply, please contact us directly.

 AEM Member


  • • Aerial Work Platform
  • • Forklift
  • • Skid-Steer Loaders
  • • Wheel Loader



Solid Tire 33x12-20 , 12x16.5

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