Rio Track Pads


Brand Model

470B, CX130B, CX135MSR, CX160B, CX210B, CX225MSR, CX240B, CX250C, CX290B, CX300C, CX350C, CX700B, CX75, CX80, CX800B


301.6C, 301.8C, 302.5C, 303.5DCR, 304DCR, 305.5DCR, 305DCR, 307D, 308DCR, 308DCRSB, 311DLRR, 312D, 314DCR, 315DL, 319DL, 320DL, 320DLRR, 321DLCR, 324DL, 328DLCR, 329DL, 336DL, 345DL, 374DL, 390DL, M313D, M315D, M316D, M318D, M322D


DX140LC, DX140LCR, DX140W, DX180LC, DX190W, DX210W, DX225LC, DX225LCSLR, DX225LL, DX235LCR, DX255LC, DX300LC, DX300LCSLR, DX300LL, DX350LC, DX420LC, DX480LC, DX480LCSLR, DX520LC, DX55W, DX60R, DX80R


XL 3100 III, XL 3200 III, XL 3300 III, XL 4100 III, XL 4200 III, XL 4300 III, XL 5100 III, XL 5200 III


ZX120-3, ZX135US-3, ZX160LC-3, ZX17U-2, ZX190W-3, ZX200LC-3, ZX220W-3, ZX225USLC-3, ZX250LC-5, ZX27U-3, ZX290LC-5, ZX350LC-5, ZX35U-3, ZX450LC-3, ZX50U-3, ZX60USB-3, ZX650LC-3, ZX75USB-3, ZX850LC-3, ZX85USB-3


110D-7, 140LC-9, 145LCR-9, 160LC-9, 180LC-9, 210LC-9, 250LC-9, 290LC-9, 320LC-9, 380LC-9, 480LC-9, 520LC-9, 800LC-7A, 235LCR-9, 60CR-9, 80CR-9


JS145, JS160, JS190, JS220, JS220LR, JS220XD, JS260, JS260LR, JS260XD, JS290, JS330, JS330XD, JS360, JZ140, JZ235, JS330 LR, JS460, JZ255


140SR, 215SR, 235SR, ED150, ED195, SK170LC, SK210, SK260, SK295, SK350, SK485, SK850LC Super Acera, 140SR ACERA, 17SR ACERA, 215SR ACERA, 235SR ACERA, 27SR ACERA, 30SR ACERA, 35SR ACERA, 50SR ACERA, 70SR ACERA, 80CS ACERA, SK170LC ACERA, SK210LC ACERA, SK260LC ACERA, SK295LC ACERA, SK350LC ACERA, SK485LC ACERA


HB215LC-1 (Hybrid), PC09-1, PC1250-8, PC1250LC-8, PC130-8, PC138USLC-8, PC160LC-8, PC18MR-3, PC200LC-8, PC228USLC-8, PC240LC-10, PC27MR-3, PC290LC-10, PC35MR-3, PC360LC-10, PC390LC-10, PC45MR-3, PC490LC-10, PC490LC-10, PC55MR-3, PC78US-8, PC88MR-8, PC220LC-8, PC270LC-8, PC308USLC-3, PC350HD-8, PC350LC-8, PC4000, PC450LC-8, PC450LC-8 Var. Gauge


K008-3, KX057-4, KX080-3, KX121-3S, KX121, 3S6-in-1Blade, KX41-3V, KX71-3S, KX91-3S2, U17, U25S, U35S2, U45S, U55, KX080-3, KX161-3S, KX71-3, KX91-3S2, U15, U25


A900C, A904C, A914C, A924C, R916, R914C R924C, R926, R934C, R944C, R954C, R964C, R974C, R984C Litronic


922D, 925D, 936D, 904C, 906C, 908C, 915D, 922LC, 925LC, 936LC


E135B, E175B, E18B, E215B, E27B, E30B, E35B, E50B, E70B, E80B


Terex 1705 M, Terex 1905 M, Terex 2205 M, Terex TC125, Terex TC16, Terex TC20, Terex TC29, Terex TC35/TC35E, Terex TC37, Terex TC48, Terex TC50, Terex TC60, Terex TC75, Terex TW110, Terex TXC 140LC-2, Terex TXC 180LC-2, Terex TXC 225LC-2, Terex TXC 255LC-2, Terex TXC 300LC-2, Terex TXC 340LC-2, Terex TXC 420LC-2, Terex TXC 480LC-2, Terex TXC 520LC-2


EC140D, EC160D, EC220D, EC250D, EC300C, EC340D, EC380D, EC480D, ECR145D, ECR235D, ECR305C, EW160D, EW180D, EW210D, EC140C L, EC160C L, EC210C L, EC210C LR, EC240C L, EC240C LR, EC290C L, EC290C LR, EC330C L, EC360C L, EC460C L, ECR145C L, ECR235C L, ECR305C L

Any reference herein to OEM branded machinery and/or equipment is for informational purposes to depict TYPES of equipment our products can support and does not imply that we are an approved supplier of any specific OEM described. For information regarding specific OEM brands which we do supply, please contact us directly.

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